Sure Bets – Arbitrage Betting

Sure Bets (or Arbitrage-Betting) means you are taking advantage of the bookmakers’ different opinions on events.  Make a profit regardless of the outcome.
Those differences are shown in the odds, and you can generate a profit regardless of the outcome.

There are two different types of sure bets:

1. The all-back surebet, where you are backing all possible outcomes.
The back/lay surebet, where you are backing one outcome at a bookmaker, and laying the same outcome at a betting exchange.

Let’s explain both types with fictional examples:

The all-back surebet:                                      Bet365             BetVictor

                                        Over 2.5 goals            2.00                 1.70
                                       Under 2.5 goals           1.80                 2.10

The odds for “Over 2.5 goals” are 2.00 (bet365) and the odds for “Under 2.5” are 2.10 (betvictor). You can take advantage of the different opinions of both bookmakers, and generate a sure bet. Let’s say you want to get a total payout of £100. Your calculation would be: (£100 / 2.00) + (£100 / 2.10) --> £50 (your stake on 2.00) + £47.62 (your stake on 2.10) = £97.62 (your total stake). There are two possible event outcomes:

-       3 goals or more: +£50 - £47.62 = +£2.38 win
-       2 goals or less: -£50 + £52.38 = +£2.38 win

You would win £2.38 regardless of the outcome.

The back/lay surebet:                                    Bet365             Betfair (lay odds)

                                       Over 2.5 goals          1.90                  1.80

As there are 5 % commission (normally) on the betting exchanges, the calculation is a bit complicated. So what we do is to use a calculator:
Check our betting calculator here!

Let’s say your back stake is £100 at 1.90. Your lay stake at 1.80 then is £108.57 Again there are two possible event outcomes:

-       3 goals or more: £90 - £86.86 = +£3.14 win
-       2 goals or less: -£100 + £103.14 = +£3.14 win

You would win £3.14 regardless of the outcome. Again you found a nice sure bet and can’t lose anything.

There are a lot of free websites that show sure bets. For example: They show you even the percentage of your stake you are about to win.

Of course there also a few downsides of sure betting:

  1. You have to be very fast before the bookmakers cut the odds
  2. Some bookmakers will limit your account if they find out that you are sure betting

We looked for a way to avoid those problems, and finally found a solution for you. We found a software that shows you tons of sure bets every single day with very high profit percentages. We wrote an independent review about it. Please read our RebelBetting review here.

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