Draw No Bet – Is it a blessing or curse?

The Draw No Bet type is interesting for us if we want to place a safer bet than the usual 3-way bet. Is this betting type really worth it?

As you all might know there is a huge number of possible bets which we can choose. Bookmakers offer bets on goals, Asian Handicaps, corners, yellow cards and many more. Especially for betting newcomers, it could be a tough part to find the most useful bets. One bet is the Draw No Bet type that should give a safety to us.

Draw No Bet means that we bet on a team and get our whole stake back if the match (For example a football match) ends in a draw. Usually you can bet on Win Home, Draw or Win Away. So there are three possible outcomes for us. Draw No Bet reduces this to two possible outcomes as the draw becomes invalid here.
So you analyse a match between Manchester United and Rapid Wien and predict a close win for Manchester United but you put your money on the Draw No Bet type as you think the match may end in a draw or a close home victory.

Are there any disadvantages with the Draw No Bet type?

Unfortunately there is often a disadvantage if you can use something for your own advantage. It’s the same here. Your great advantage is the safety for you. You reduce the bet from three possible outcomes to two as the bet gets void if the match ends in a draw. The big disadvantage is that the odds on Draw No Bet betting types are much lower than the usual three way betting odds. To show you a few examples you can take a look at the following tables. These tables show a match between Sevilla and Benfica – this is the final of the Europe League 2014 which takes place on 14/05/2014.

Table 1 shows the odds for Draw No Bet and table 2 shows the odds for the common three way betting line:

Draw No Bet:

Bet Victor2.251.55
Stan James2.251.61
William Hill2.301.57

Three way:

Bet Victor3.403.302.30
Stan James3.403.302.25
William Hill2.873.302.25

As you can see the odds for the Draw No Bet type are much lower than the usual 3-way betting type. So there is not much value anymore.

Should we bet the usual way or Draw No Bet?

In general we recommend to place bets only if you are sure about the result. Of course we never know what happens but with good analysis we can use the best odds for our advantage. Draw No Bet reduces the outcome from three to two which might be good for us but the odds are very low here so it’s not really worth to place these Draw No Bet types. If you are unsure about a result just leave this match alone and go to the next match. There is always a new opportunity. Please keep in mind: Betting is all about value. Only with value bets you can beat the bookies in the long run.

Unfortunately Draw No Bet betting types don’t offer much value anymore so the bookies themselves make a lot of money with such betting types.

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