Beauty of Trading The Exchanges

The numbers of people working from home utilising the talents of the Internet continues to grow very fast and one of the largest areas of growth is Online Trading. - Both in sports and stock markets.

There are numerous advantages of setting up and running a sports or stock trading operation from home. Firstly business expenses are kept to a minimum, there is no need for expensive office accommodation or expensive staff, and there is no requirement to buy stock or any possibility of bad debts. Secondly, any and all profits are completely tax free.

The markets that you can trade from home are far too numerous to mention here, but are not confined solely to sports. Political appointments and results, stock markets, even reality TV show results are avidly followed by the growing army of online traders.

So what is the difference between online trading and gambling? Simple, in gambling you back a horse or a team in the hope that it wins. In online trading you buy a bet because you believe it to be of good value, and then you can sell it to someone else at lower odds, thus locking in a guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome of the race or event or whatever it is. Alternatively if you believe a bet to be overvalued you can sell it first, with the idea of buying it back at higher odds to make your profit. This operation was totally impossible with a traditional bookmaker prior to the invention of betting exchanges.

So what is the difference between trading the Dow Jones closing price on the stock market, to trading the same thing on a betting exchange?

In our view, absolutely nothing at all, except of course the ridiculous advantage we previously mentioned that all your profits on the betting exchanges are untaxed. Little wonder then that serious businesses and serious money have been pouring into the betting exchanges in the past few years.

Already there are countless books and courses available supposedly to tell you and teach you how to effectively trade these exchanges. As with all business books and manuals, some are brilliant and rapidly become bibles, while others need leaving in the nearest public convenience poste haste.

All this interest in online trading has brought a huge surge in liquidity that makes it so much easier to trade. On one exchange alone during a recent football match six or seven figure amounts are matched. On one game! That's a stat that is bound to make anyone think seriously about online trading.

Betting exchanges are gaining credence and influence all the time and with each month that passes seemingly another country legalises the entire operation, and it would seem that it is only a matter of time before the large exchanges are completely legalised and accepted worldwide. The exponential growth in this sector is sure to continue, governmental interference being the only possible obstacle to their onward worldwide popularity. Little wonder then that this is one of the largest growth sectors for new start-up businesses, a fact that is bound to attract even greater interest as it continues to grow.

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If you are thinking of starting a new online business from home, and if you have a talent for maths, you could do a lot worse than check out the whole business of online trading. The first step would be to check out the website of the biggest betting exchange, Betfair. Best of luck.

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