Beat The Bookies by their own weapons

Beat the Bookies

To be profitable at sports betting you have to beat the bookies in the long run. Find out how you can beat the bookies by their own weapons.

One of the best ways to beat the bookies is by their own mistakes. For instance, if the odds for a particular game disagree with the actual probabilities of the event occurrence, then there will be distortions. This is when an outcome rate is understated but the opposite is too high. At this point, betting high odds are nice and an easily make more profits. There are two major causes of distortions. They are:

Beat the bookies by errors from the Analysts of a bookmaker

In sports betting, the probabilities of the outcomes are not transparent when compared to other casino games such as cards, dice or roulette. When you throw a dice, you can easily conclude that the probability of a certain edge is 1/6 but in sports, it is not very easy to predict the result of a match. In this case, the bookmaker’s staff analysts are involved in the probability definition and drawing up lines for the next coming sporting events. In spite that in the course of quotations which can be used by the supporting software, the last word still remain with the individual. Only the person will make the conclusion of what odd will give a certain outcome. No matter how skillful the man was, he will surely commit errors by definition.

Beat the bookies by conscious errors of the bookmakers

Additionally, there are some bookmakers that do commit conscious errors in the lines so as to increase the income and minimise the risk. This is how it works: for instance, a tennis player A, has a specific odd and many bettors place bets on him. The bookmaker will react with decreasing the odd of tennis player A to minimise his losses. At the same time the bookie will increase the odd of tennis player B so at the end of the game it changes the imbalance which was created intentionally.

This means that selecting the right bets and using these bookmaker’s errors, we can beat the bookies. The bettor has a significant benefit over the bookies. Choosing the right bet gives you a hedge to beat the bookies. The bookmaker is needed to offer odds for all matches despite that he does not understand or which of them has no opinion. The bookmaker will analyse all the matches in lines very well while the bettor is able to focus on a few games and place bets for the ones with the information that can greatly have great effect on the event outcome. It suffices to search for some imperfections in the day.

The Basic on How to Beat the Bookies

The combination of the guides below makes you beat the bookies:

Since the system is a progressive mathematical system, you need to keep increasing your bets when you are winning.
You do not have to make many decisions because whenever decisions are made, then your emotion becomes a factor. This could result in errors of judgment.
You need to have series of winning bets. You need to win more than you are losing. This system works because majority of those that bet do bets on their favorites.

Take a look at our system review page to get an overview about some very profitable tipsters.

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