Semester 1: The basics of sports betting – Start your great betting career

Welcome to the exciting world of sports betting.

Sports betting is a huge business around the whole world. You have the opportunity to watch your favourite sports and place bets on it to get a thrill during the game and create your very own challenge. Getting to know the whole system of betting can be quite difficult and time consuming so we won't waste more time and start with the first semester now. Our first semester shows you the very first steps when it comes to betting and has the following structure:

Category I - Very First Steps

  1. Definition Of The Term ‘Sports Betting / Gambling’
  2. Popularity Of Gambling - Why Do People Gamble?
  3. What Is A Bookmaker / Betting Exchange?
  4. Decimal Or Fractional Odds
  5. Types Of Bets
  6. How To Place A Bet
  7. Bonus Offers From Bookmakers

Category II - Betting Psychology

  1. Mindset For Professional Betting / Gambling
  2. What Sports To Bet In
  3. Bet Types To Avoid
  4. Finding Value Bets
  5. Money Management
  6. Avoiding Bookmaker Limitations
  7. Keeping Track Of ALL Bets

Category III - Conclusion

  1. What You Learned In This Semester


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