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10 Reliable Sports Betting Sites

As the online betting business grows that quickly there are new sports betting sites on a weekly basis. How do you find reliable sports betting sites?

Betting Tipsters – Free Sports Picks

Betting Tipsters is a website that looks for the best daily free football betting tips from around the web, comparing tips from the best betting sites and posting them on their website.

Draw No Bet – Is it a blessing or curse?

The Draw No Bet type is interesting for us if we want to place a safer bet than the usual 3-way bet. Is this betting type really worth it?


. When it comes to sports betting there is a huge number of terms you should be aware of. To provide you with all important terms we created this glossary in alphabetical

Rise of the Mobile Betting Technology

Did you ever think about mobile betting? That’s the newest technology in the betting business which should make betting possible for us wherever we are.

Live Bets – The New Excitement

In the age of betting exchanges more and more bettors leave regular bookmakers for betting at the exchanges. Bookies had to react so they invented the live bet.

Football Headquarters

Football Headquarters is a SCAM football tipster page. They promise 'Revolutionary Soccer Predictions That Beat Any Sportsbook'. They indeed are revolutionary... For them, not for you! But first things first.

Value Horse Tips – Tipping Service

Value Horse Tips is a horse racing tipster which delivers tips on a daily basis for UK and Ireland. Find out how they perform and if they are worth a try.

Betting Calculator

You can use this calculator for every type of bets. No matter what you want to calculate, this tool has the solution. If you have any problems to use this calculator, please

Betting Exchange – Enjoy the Place Markets

Betting exchanges like Betfair don't just offer bets on horses to win but also bets on horses to place. How could you use these place markets in your favour?