Betting School

Hello there and welcome to our betting school. We explain every detail of the sports betting business to you - from the very beginning to becoming a professional bettor. And don't worry: You don't have to be in detention. Our betting school helps you to gain a lot of experience within a short time.

We think all of you know it: You start your betting business or want to learn more about special betting topics but you have to browse through various sites to get the information you want. We wanted to stop that time consuming work to give you more time for the learning process itself. Everybody should have the opportunity to learn all the betting skills out there to become successful or better. This is the reason why we established our betting school.

Are you a newcomer or an intermediate bettor? We will help all of you!

No matter how long you're already betting. Our aim is to help everybody so we share all of our valuable tips with you. Learn which bookmaker is the best, which strategy suits your betting style, how to place your bets and much more. Our betting school covers every aspect of betting so browsing through various sites stops here. We split the whole learning process in different semesters so you can work your way through our lessons step by step. Every semester ends in an exciting quiz so you can see for yourself how much you learned and if you can go to the next semester.

Semester 1: The basics of sports betting - Start your great betting career

What is a bet? How can you place bets? And why do people bet their money? This chapter is for the newcomers to the booming industry of sports betting. You will learn the most important elements of betting. We teach you facts about odds, different bet types, how to calculate stakes and winnings and some lessons about the betting psychology.
You don't have to pay a course fee - it's free for you. But our first semester is only available for subscribers to our newsletter. You can download a free eBook with the betting basics as soon as subscribed for FREE here:

Betting School 1 - Semester 1: The basics of sports betting - Start your great betting career


Semester 2: Find the best bookmakers and helpful betting tools

Our second semester will teach you how to choose the best bookmaker. Which bookie suits your betting style and which bonus is really worth it? Additionally we will present very helpful betting tools that should make your betting experience a lot easier. How safe is online betting and what else should you know for your own successful betting business? These questions and more are the topics of our second semester.

Betting School 2 - Find the best bookmakers and helpful betting tools

Semester 3: Perfect preparation for your first winning bet

Congratulations, your first winning bet comes closer and closer. In our third semester we will show you worthy betting types and which you should avoid. Which mistakes can you make and how does good analysis work? After working through these topics you are able to place your first bets and you have a feeling how the whole betting process works.

Betting School 3 - Perfect preparation for your first winning bet

Semester 4: Create your own professional betting system

Now it's time to develop your first betting strategy. We will take you by your hand when becoming a better bettor. Learn strategies and techniques that have a higher probability to work in the long run and practise a strategy that brings you higher chances of winning. It's time for calling you a 'sports betting expert'.

Betting School 4 - Create your own professional betting system
Semester 5: Betting is all about money

Betting should be fun and excitement. But the main aim of betting is to win money. In our fifth and last semester we will teach you what to consider when placing your hard earned cash. Which methods for depositing and withdrawing money can you use and what will bookmakers do to take your money? We want you to win money in this exciting business so don't miss our last semester of our betting school.

Betting School 5 - Betting is all about money

Bonus: Our great sports betting glossary

Every bettor has been a newcomer. And as a newcomer we have to learn everything about betting. As the betting business is a huge business around the world there is a huge number of terms you have to learn. So we decided to create a betting glossary with more than 130 terms for you so there will be answers to every question you have. Just walk your way through these terms and see what they mean.

Betting School Bonus - Our great sports betting glossary
School lessons have never been so easy and entertaining

Everybody can gain the skills to become a successful sports bettor. In five chapters plus our betting glossary we teach you all the important things you have to know about sports betting. Starting from the very beginning and finishing the lessons as a pro - we want you to reach exactly that. You can choose for yourself how you use our school lessons. Work your way through each semester or choose your preferred topics. We gave every topic a related title so you know exactly what you can expect.
Test your skills in an entertaining quiz after each semester so you can see for yourself if you learned all the lessons and how well you do.

Finally we wish you best of luck when reading through our betting school pages and we hope you enjoy learning from our lessons. Take your betting activity to the next level and make a regular income in this exciting business.

YOU can do it too!